Blockflow's API engine empowers you to create custom APIs on top of the databases attached to one or more Instances.

This allows you to aggregate, transform, and expose on-chain data from multiple sources, making it easily accessible to your applications.

Check out how you can create an API easily:

✈️Creating an API

API Types and Authentication

Blockflow supports REST APIs, providing a familiar and widely-adopted interface for accessing your on-chain data. We authenticate API requests using API Keys, ensuring secure and authenticated access to your API endpoints.

In the future, we plan to expand our API offerings to include GraphQL support, giving you even more flexibility in querying and retrieving data from your APIs.

Key Benefits

  1. Protocol and Chain Agnostic: Blockflow's APIs are designed to be protocol and chain agnostic, enabling you to aggregate data from multiple protocols and chains seamlessly. This allows you to build applications that span across different blockchain ecosystems, providing a unified and comprehensive data layer.

  2. Robustness and Reliability: Our APIs have undergone extensive stress testing to ensure 99.9% uptime and reliable performance. You can count on Blockflow to deliver a stable and resilient API infrastructure that your applications can rely on.

  3. Region-Aware and Low-Latency: Blockflow's APIs are region-aware, meaning you don't need to worry about deploying and managing API servers in multiple regions. Our infrastructure automatically routes requests to the nearest available server, ensuring low-latency access to your data, regardless of the user's location.

  4. Auto-Scaling and High Performance: As your application grows and traffic increases, Blockflow's APIs automatically scale to meet the demand. Our auto-scaling capabilities ensure that your APIs can handle high loads and deliver optimal performance, without any manual intervention or infrastructure management.

  5. Flexible Querying and Filtering: Blockflow's API engine provides powerful querying and filtering capabilities, allowing you to retrieve specific subsets of data based on your application's needs. You can easily define custom queries, apply filters, and perform aggregations to extract meaningful insights from your on-chain data.

  6. Priority Support and Monitoring: Our team of API experts is here to provide you with dedicated support and guidance. We proactively monitor the performance and availability of your APIs, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed and resolved. You can focus on building your application while we take care of the API infrastructure.

Unlock the power of on-chain data with Blockflow's Custom APIs. Seamlessly integrate data from multiple protocols and chains, and build applications that leverage the full potential of Web3.

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