Instances are powerful IFTTT (If This Then That) engines that allow you to automate workflows based on specific conditions or triggers on the blockchain. When a condition is met, a predefined action is executed, enabling you to streamline your processes and react to on-chain events in real-time.

Instances can be run on both historical and real-time blockchain data, making them perfect for streaming specific data to your databases or triggering other actions.

🚄Creating an Instance

Supported triggers

Blockflow supports a wide range of triggers to customize your Instances:

  1. Smart Contract Events: Trigger an action when a specific event is emitted by a smart contract.

  2. Smart Contract Function Calls: Execute an action when a particular function in a smart contract is called.

  3. Transactions from an Address: Set up a trigger based on transactions originating from a specific address.

  4. Transactions to an Address: Trigger an action when a transaction is sent to a specific address.

Don't see the trigger you need? Let us know on our Discord community and we'll explore adding support for it!

Type of Actions

The beauty of Instances lies in their flexibility. Any action that can be defined via code can be executed when a trigger condition is met. Here are some popular use cases:

  1. Stream Data to Your Database Automatically stream specific on-chain data to your database for further analysis or use in your application.

  2. Update User Profiles Trigger updates to user profiles based on their on-chain activity or interactions with your smart contracts.

  3. Send Notifications Notify your users or team members when certain events occur on the blockchain, keeping them informed and engaged.

  4. Interact with Smart Contracts Automatically execute transactions or interact with other smart contracts based on specific triggers.

  5. Monitor Key Parameters Set up alerts to inform your team if critical parameters or conditions are breached, ensuring proactive monitoring and response.

The possibilities are endless! If you have a unique use case in mind but need assistance, reach out to our friendly community on Discord and we'll be happy to help.

Key Benefits of Instances

  1. Real-time Execution Instances are designed for real-time performance. As soon as a block containing the specified trigger is published, the action execution begins within 20ms, ensuring rapid response to on-chain events.

  2. Reorg-Aware and Data Consistency Instances are built with reorg-awareness, ensuring that your database always stores accurate and consistent data, even in the event of chain reorgs.

  3. Robustness and Reliability Our Instances have undergone rigorous stress testing to ensure 100% uptime and reliable performance, even under high loads.

  4. Seamless Integration Instances seamlessly integrate with Blockflow's Managed Databases and Custom APIs, allowing you to build powerful, data-driven applications with ease.

  5. Customizable and Extensible With support for a wide range of triggers and the ability to define custom actions via code, Instances provide unparalleled flexibility to suit your specific needs and workflows.

Unlock the power of automation and real-time blockchain data processing with Blockflow's Instances. Start building your IFTTT workflows today and take your Web3 application to the next level!

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