These contracts are being indexed and monitored as part of the Lido Finance indexing project. The table below lists the contracts, their addresses, a brief description of their purpose, and the specific events that are being tracked and handled by the indexer.

Contract NameContract AddressDescription

Lido Contract


The main Lido contract, responsible for managing user deposits, share transfers, fee configurations, and other critical operations of the Lido protocol.

Submitted, Transfer, SharesBurnt, Approval, FeeSet, FeeDistributionSet, LidoLocatorSet, Resumed, Stopped, ELRewardsVaultSet, ELRewardsWithdrawalLimitSet, ProtocolContactsSet, StakingLimitRemoved, StakingLimitSet, StakingPaused, StakingResumed, WithdrawalCredentialsSet, ETHDistributed

Legacy Oracle Contract


The contract related to the Lido oracle, responsible for managing and reporting validator information and rewards.

Completed, PostTotalShares, MemberAdded, MemberRemoved, ContractVersionSet, QuorumChanged, BeaconSpecSet, BeaconReportReceiverSet, AllowedBeaconBalanceRelativeDecreaseSet, AllowedBeaconBalanceAnnualRelativeIncreaseSet