Our motivation

Why are we building Blockflow?

Our team is richly experienced, with experiences across TradFi, DeFi protocols, web2 Fintech Infrastructure, and Protocol security research. Previously we were developing a dApp, and our vision was nothing short of revolutionary (like all dApps) enabling on-chain undercollateralized lending. Imagine a world where owning Google or Amazon stocks could serve as collateral for borrowing money – that's the future we envisioned. We thought if Elon could pledge his stocks to obtain debt, then why shouldn't the retail holder get the same benefit?

However, this ambitious dream came with its own set of challenges. We needed an enormous amount of data on borrowing and lending behaviors within DeFi protocols, as well as the ability to calculate credit scores. To tackle this, we explored a multitude of tools, including subgraphs and RPC providers. It was a journey marked by trials and tribulations, from wrestling with data retrieval hurdles to dealing with the unpredictability of RPCs and rate limits.

We ended up building an internal tool that indexed wallets and their transactions and showed their real-time credit scores after solving a lot of issues around data retrieval, RPC's unreliability, and rate limits. We got the simple insight that in essence, in contrast to web2 where every application has its own databases, the blockchain is a shared database that hosts a lot of applications. Having already conquered the complexities of indexing on-chain data, we decided to take the next logical step – making life easier for fellow builders. And thus, Blockflow was born.

At Blockflow, we're not just developers; we're dreamers and problem solvers. We understand the power of real-time data and its pivotal role in creating the best features and the smoothest user experiences for dApps. Our journey has instilled in us a profound sense of belief in dApps, and we're here to inspire and support you in your own journey of building Web3.