Lido Legacy Oracle

Contract Address- 0x442af784A788A5bd6F42A01Ebe9F287a871243fb

This contract is related to the Lido oracle, responsible for managing and reporting validator information and rewards. We have implemented handlers for the following events:

  • Completed: Handles completed oracle reports, capturing details like the epoch ID, beacon balance, and number of validators.

  • PostTotalShares: Records updates to the total shares and pooled Ether after oracle report processing.

  • MemberAdded: Logs when a new member is added to the oracle.

  • MemberRemoved: Logs when a member is removed from the oracle.

  • ContractVersionSet: Captures updates to the version of the oracle contract.

  • QuorumChanged: Handles changes to the quorum size required for oracle operations.

  • BeaconSpecSet: Records updates to the beacon chain specification parameters, such as epochs per frame, slots per epoch, and seconds per slot.

  • BeaconReportReceiverSet: Captures changes to the address of the contract that receives beacon reports.

  • AllowedBeaconBalanceRelativeDecreaseSet: Handles updates to the maximum allowed relative decrease in the beacon balance.

  • AllowedBeaconBalanceAnnualRelativeIncreaseSet: Captures changes to the maximum allowed annual relative increase in the beacon balance.