Blockflow Pricing Structure

Credit System

Blockflow uses a credit-based pricing model. The credit value varies based on your plan:

  • Starter Plan: 700,000 credits = $1

  • Scale Plan: 1,000,000 credits = $1

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom credit rates available (contact sales for details)

Pricing Structure

A. Fixed Costs

Chain Support

  • Blockflow charges a fixed price per hour for each supported chain, based on the number of triggers.

  • Pricing is tracked hourly per chain.

  • Paused or deleted triggers are billed for the hours they were live.

B. Usage-Based Costs

1. Storage Pricing

  • Based on MongoDB clusters with sharding and backup included.

  • For storage requirements exceeding 1000 GB, custom pricing can be offered.

  • Calculated daily based on the peak storage used each day

  • Aggregated monthly for billing purposes

2. Instance Pricing

  • Instance calls are charged based on the number of invocations and the execution time taken for the instance

Pricing Formula:

  • Invocations Credits = 9.46 * (# of Invocations)

  • Execution Credits = 0.143 * (# of Invocations) * Avg Execution Runtime (ms)

Total Instance Credits = Invocation Credits + Execution Credits

  1. API Calls Pricing

  • Charged based on the number of requests and execution time.

Pricing Formula:

  • Invocations Credits = 21.85 * (# of API Calls)

  • Execution Credits = 0.2 * (# of API Calls) * Avg Execution Runtime (ms)

Total API Credits = Invocation Credits + Execution Credits

Estimated Price: $14 per 100K Calls (may vary slightly based on plan)

Assuming Avg Execution Runtime to be 600 ms and the user is on a Scale Plan.

Plans Overview

  1. Starter Plan

  • 700,000 credits = $1

  • Ideal for small projects and startups

  1. Scale Plan

  • 1,000,000 credits = $1

  • Designed for growing projects with higher usage

  1. Enterprise Plan

  • Custom credit rates

  • Tailored solutions for large-scale projects

  • Contact sales for personalized pricing and features

Important Notes

  1. All prices are in credits unless otherwise specified.

  2. The pricing for Instance Calls and API Calls is an estimate and may vary slightly (not more than 5%).

  3. Custom pricing is available for high-volume storage needs and enterprise customers.

For any questions, custom pricing requests, or to discuss enterprise plans, please contact Blockflow's sales team.

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