Contract Address- 0xae7ab96520DE3A18E5e111B5EaAb095312D7fE84

This is the main Lido contract, responsible for managing user deposits, share transfers, fee configurations, and other critical operations of the Lido protocol. We have implemented handlers to capture the following events from this contract:

  • Submitted: Handles user deposit submissions, recording details such as the sender, amount, and shares minted.

  • Transfer: Captures transfers of Lido shares between addresses, storing information like the sender, recipient, and balances before and after the transfer.

  • SharesBurnt: Tracks the burning of Lido shares, potentially during rebase events, and stores data like the account address, token amounts, and shares burned.

  • Approval: Handles approval events, where an account grants permission to another address to spend a certain amount of tokens (e.g., Lido shares).

  • FeeSet: Records changes to the overall fee configuration for the Lido protocol.

  • FeeDistributionSet: Captures updates to the distribution of fees among the treasury, insurance fund, and node operators.

  • LidoLocatorSet: Handles changes to the locator string used by Lido validators.

  • Resumed: Logs when the Lido protocol is resumed after being stopped.

  • Stopped: Logs when the Lido protocol is stopped or paused.

  • ELRewardsVaultSet: Records changes to the address of the vault holding Ethereum liquid staking rewards.

  • ELRewardsWithdrawalLimitSet: Captures updates to the withdrawal limit for Ethereum liquid staking rewards.

  • ProtocolContactsSet: Handles changes to the addresses of the insurance fund, oracle, and treasury.

  • StakingLimitRemoved: Logs when the staking limit for Lido is removed.

  • StakingLimitSet: Records updates to the maximum staking limit and the per-block staking limit increase.

  • StakingPaused: Logs when staking is paused in the Lido protocol.

  • StakingResumed: Logs when staking is resumed in the Lido protocol.

  • WithdrawalCredentialsSet: Handles updates to the withdrawal credentials used by Lido validators.

  • ETHDistributed: Captures details of Ether distribution events, including reward amounts, fees, and share allocations.